Cast Iron Pipes

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Owning a house requires routine upkeep and maintenance, from clearing out rain gutters to changing HVAC filters. What happens when the home you’ve worked so hard to take care of sustains serious property damage due to a problem you can’t even see?

Regretfully, this situation is a reality for numerous homeowners in the U.S. with houses developed prior to 1975. The perpetrator behind the damage: cast iron pipeline plumbing systems that are too soon stopping working due to rust. Worse yet, insurance companies make it challenging for homeowners struggling with bad cast iron pipelines to get the payment they need to replace the pipes and repair the damage done to their property. Insurance companies often wrongfully deny or underpay claims, blaming the damage brought on by the cast iron pipes on typical “wear and tear.”

That’s why the lawyers at Home Damage Claims are helping homeowners across the nation fight back against insurance companies acting in bad faith. If you think your home may have poorly working cast iron pipes, fill out our case evaluation form for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

The Problem with Cast Iron Pipes

New houses are normally geared up with PVC piping, however prior to 1975, cast iron was the piping material used in many homes in America.
Cast iron pipes are supposed to have a life expectancy of 50-75 years, and ought to still be functional today, however, they are breaking down and stopping working all across the nation at a fast speed due to premature corrosion. In some houses, cast iron pipes stopped working less than 25 years after setup, leading to major headaches and pricey damage for property owners.

Indications of Cast Iron Pipe Failure

There are some clear indications that your cast iron pipelines are broken, consisting of:

– Slow drainage
– Water spots on carpet or carpet
– Discolored flooring tiles and tile grout
– Broken, broken, or raised floor tiles
– Pest problem
– Foul smells in your home
– Water backups in your drain or toilet
– Leaks.

If you have actually experienced water damage, and you suspect it might be connected to cast iron pipelines, call us today to see how we can help!

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How an Attorney Can Help.

Our team at Home Damage Claims can determine the nature of your issue if you presume you have bad pipes. If your home fits the requirements below, call us today at 833-66-CLAIM!

– Your house was built prior to 1975, and you’ve submitted a water damage claim that was denied or lowballed in the past.

– Your house was built prior to 1975 and there is proof of water damage, however you have yet to sue.

We can set your mind at ease by examining to see if you have faulty cast iron pipes in your home. If you do have residential or commercial property damage as an outcome of bad pipes, and your insurance company underpays or rejects your claim, our attorneys will FIGHT FOR YOU to receive a complete settlement you need to replace the pipes in your house and repair the damage.

We have helped thousands of homeowners across the nation effectively recover settlement. Best of all, it costs nothing in advance to employ us, and we get paid only if you win. We can even force your insurance coverage business to pay all of our attorneys’ costs in the event of an award.

If you believe you might have a cast iron pipe claim, submit our totally free, no-risk type today.

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